2013 scotties tournament of hearts

Scotties Tournament of Hearts Begins Today Bet on Your Province to Win

Scotties Tournament of Hearts Begins Today Bet on Your Province to Win

The Scotties Tournament of Hearts, one of Canada’s greatest traditions of finding out who the top Women’s Curling’s team in Canada over a tough tournament.


The ladies are very beautiful, and as much as they are beautiful they are talented and put on a great show year after year.

Defending Champions are from Alberta in Heather Nedohin who lead their team past British Columbia in last year’s final, which was a shock to see Team Canada not in the Finals or even in the playoffs.  Heather Nedohin’s team will be Team Canada this year and hopefully they have a better showing as they go to defend their championship.

This year’s Scotties will be held at the K-Rock Center in Kingston Ontario, will this be the year that Ontario win the Scotties in front of their home crowd?  They will have Skip Rachel Homan to lead their Squad.

Scotties Tournament of Hearts Team Skips

(Defending Champion) Heather Nedohin Team Canada

Kristie Moore Team Alberta

Kelly Scott Team British Columbia

Jennifer Jones Team Manitoba

Andrea Crawford Team New Brunswick

Stacey Devereaux Team Newfoundland & Labrador

Kelly Galusha Team Northwest Territories/Yukon

Mary-Anne Arsenault Team Nova Scotia

Rachel Homan Team Ontario

Suzanne Birt Team Prince Edward Island

Allison Ross Team Quebec

Jill Shumay Team Saskatchewan

I am writing this from Saskatoon Saskatchewan so I have a soft spot for Team Saskatchewan lead by Jill Shumay, and I will rooting for them throughout the tournament regardless.

However, you can on the Matches throughout the Tournament and Right Now Before the Tournament Begins on who you are supporting or who you just think will win the tournament!

2013 Scotties Tournament of Hearts Pre Tournament Betting Odds

You can wager on these Canada at Bet 365 Sportsbook

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To Win the 2013 Scotties Tournament of Hearts

Just Click on Your Team to be Taken to Bet 365 Sportsbook and

You Can Find the Bets on the Left Column Under More Sports>Curling>Scotties Tournament of Hearts

Manitoba To Win (Jones) 2.75 Odds

Canada to Win (Nedohin) 2.75 Odds

Ontario to Win (Homan) 4.50 Odds

British Columbia to Win (Scott) 7.00 Odds

Nova Scotia to Win (Arsenault) 11.00 Odds

Alberta to Win (Moore) 13.00 Odds

Saskatchewan to Win (Shumay) 13.00 Odds

Prince Edward Island to Win (Birt) 21.00 Odds

Newfoundland & Labrador to Win (Devereaux) 29.00 Odds

New Brunswick to Win (Crawford) 29.00 Odds

Quebec to Win (Ross) 29.00 Odds

Northwest Territories/Yukon (Galusha) To Win 34.00 Odds

Example Bet: You can wager as little as 20 Cents on Bet 365 Sportsbook, but for this example lets say I am going with my home province Saskatchewan and throw $20 on them.  Saskatchewan is at 13.00 Odds so you multiply the two to find out how much you win ($20 x 13.00 = $260!)  If Saskatchewan wins the 2013 Scotties Tournament of Hearts you would get $260 in Return for your $20 Investment.  It’s a great way to bet now and cheer for your team throughout the entire tournament.

I Don’t Have a Credit Card how can I put money on Bet 365 Sportsbook?

Go to Shell or 7/11 and buy a Vanilla Pre Paid MasterCard they work on all gambling sites that I have been on so give that a go if you need a Credit Card or your Credit Card doesn’t allow gambling transactions.

Good Luck and Regardless if you throw a wager on your Province Enjoy the 2013 Scotties Tournament of Hearts!

Come back to Canada.skyleraction.com for the latest on the tournament and round robin draw betting odds.

Expert Prediction Take British Columbia at 7.00 Odds
Expert Prediction Take British Columbia at 7.00 Odds
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